Banquet Chairs

Charity event, anniversary, wedding, or whatever your function may be, the chairs that you choose will affect the mood and atmosphere of the event.   Organizing a banquet requires attention to all the little details.  While you want to provide comfort for your guests you also want to enhance the style and mood of the event by the furnishings that you select.

Today's banquet chairs are available in many affordable styles and options to fit any budget.  Whether your event is a large one that requires hundreds of chairs or a small, intimate gathering, there is a banquet chair that will suit the occasion. And there does not need to be a compromise on style to stay within your event budget.

Traditionally, banquet chairs come in wood or metal finishes. They are available in various finishes such as cherry, oak or black and come in mid- or high-back styles. These banquet chairs feature comfortable seat cushions which come in many colors from which to choose. Often these chairs are available with optional back inserts, so that the look of your seats can be varied from table to table. This type of chair is the typical chair that is used at formal events.

If a more trendy gathering is what you have in mind, you may want to go with a more contemporary style banquet chair. These modern banquet chairs are available in plastic or chrome and have a sleek design to them. They will definitely give your event a non-traditional look and feel.

If mobility is an important concern for you then you should look for a banquet chair that is lightweight and can be easily moved. Stackable banquet chairs are very popular for this very reason. Constructed with built-in handles, these chairs can be stacked up to six chairs high and moved to different rooms.

If limited storage is a concern then you may want to consider foldaway banquet chairs. Foldaway chairs are still comfortable and stylish, they just facilitate moving and storage. They are made out of either wood or metal, they are easily transported and are great for outdoor events. They can be stored either vertically or flat.