Ergonomic Chairs

What exactly is an ergonomic chair? How does it differ from other chairs?  Ergonomics is the science of arranging and designing products that maximize safety and efficiency.   Ergonomics usually refers to your workspace and safeguarding your workstation so that you can work with minimal risk for injury and gives you the ability to work at your full potential.

You may think that a “desk job,” has little risk for injury involved with it.   In reality the workplace is full of hazards.   Just something as simple as using the wrong chair can put you at risk for back and neck injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome and musculoskeletal issues.   Using an ergonomic office chair can assist in making your workstation a safer and healthier place.

Not all ergonomic office chairs are created the same.   So how do you find the right ergonomic office furniture that is right for you?   First of all, choose a chair that can be adjusted to a range of seat heights.   A rule of thumb is that the seat height should be about one quarter of the users body height.   Your chair should be stable and provide a good backrest.   Look for a 5-point base when purchasing a chair.   Typically that offers the most stability.   Also, don't forget to look for additional features that correspond with your job situation, such as armrests, wider seating, and adjustibility both vertically and forwards and back.

While ergonomic chairs can be priced a bit higher than standard desk chairs, they are worth the extra cost, not only for your own health and safety, but also for the well-being of your employees if you are purchasing for others.   If you are working with a tight budget, discounted ergonomic chairs are often on sale.