Waiting Room Furniture

First impressions make a powerful statement about you.  When your clients come into your office to check in, what do you want your office to say about you?  From your reception desk to your waiting room seating, the atmosphere will give your clients a perception about you and your business.  What would you like that to be?

Your office may appear cramped and uninviting if you have a small space with an oversized desk and just a few reception chairs.   So consider your office size and your needs when choosing your office furniture.  Select items that are comfortable and stylish without being overbearing.  Depending on the size of your waiting room, a smaller reception desk will provide more room for seating.  Your staff and the ease that they can move around is also a consideration.  And you don't want your secretary hidden out of view and swallowed up by a desk that is too large.

Before purchasing furniture for your waiting room, make a map of the floor plan.  Start with the largest item, the desk, and mark off on the floor with tape exactly where you want it to go and how much room it will require.   Once you have established the desk space, it will give you a better understanding of just how many chairs will fit comfortably in the room.

When it is time to select your seating, keep in mind how many visitors will actually be using your reception area and how much traffic flow you will have.  If it is common to only have a few visitors at a time, consider buying several large, plush chairs to fill the space.   If you normally have a high volume of clients coming into your office you may be better off with smaller size guest chairs which will still provide comfort but take up less space in the room.

Another consideration besides the size is the style of your office décor.  When choosing the color scheme of your office take into account the affect that that will have on your clientele.   A light color scheme will make a smaller office appear larger than it really is, while a dark palette could make your office appear small and depressing.

The best rule of thumb, though, when purchasing reception furniture: view your lobby through the eyes of your visitors. Does your waiting area say what you want it to say?