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Creative Office Design Trends

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contemporary side chair

High-style office furniture used to be thought to be appropriate only for so-called "creative" businesses: advertising, graphic design, or architecture firms, mostly. Everyone else just made do with drab, gray, utilitarian task chairs, on the theory that for most of us, function always trumps form.

Not anymore. Ever since companies like Google and Yahoo started planning their work-spaces with the satisfaction of the worker in mind, progressive manageres have come to realize that design matters. And we're not just talking aesthetics, here -- it turns out, beauty is good for business.

capisco saddle chair
The equation is simple: creative workspaces produce creative work... not to mention happy, productive workers who are much more likely to remain loyal to their employer. Plus, when clients come around, there's nothing like a sleek, contemporary decorating scheme to suggest that your company is on the cutting edge of your industry.

Clean lines and eye-catching colors stimulate the working environment and send a positive, successful message, plus it's always fun to accent with a couple truly unique conversation-pieces.