Glossary of Terms

Computer Chairs - Computer chairs are a staple in almost every home and office.  Since we spend more and more time using our computers, having the right computer chair has become particularly important.    See more

Desk Chairs - Your desk chair is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make.  A desk chair isn’t just a place to sit down – it also supports you and your family while you work, create school projects, and work towards your future goals.    See more

Ergonomic Chairs - What exactly is an ergonomic chair? How does it differ from other chairs?  See more

Everyday Chairs - National Office offers a large selection of everyday chairs that will not only make your home and office more functional but will provide efficiency and beauty to your decor.  

Executive Chair - You don't have to be an executive to benefit from the quality of a good executive chair. An executive chair will provide comfort and support while you work.  See more

Leather Office Chair - Leather chairs provide the height of luxury. Leather office chairs radiate sophistication and class. The majority of executive office chairs are almost always leather. But you don’t have to be an executive to enjoy the benefits of a leather chair.  See more

Task Chairs - In the market for a chair to help you perform better at work?  If so, then a task chair is perfect for you!  Task chairs are designed to embrace comfort along with efficiency.  See more

Office Chairs - An office just isn't an office without office chairs. Besides being a useful necessity, office chairs can give your office a decorative edge.  See more

Home Chairs - Today’s home is a no longer just a place of residence, many people work from their homes or have an office in their home where they do school work, pay bills, and create projects.  NationalOffice offers numerous solutions for the home office that will help you create the kind of work environment that you need.

Home Office Chairs - In today’s business-driven world, the home office is almost a neccessity.  One of the obvious features of any home office is the home office chair.  A properly designed home office chair can offer you comfort, prevent fatigue and maneuverability.  See more

Mesh Chairs - A mesh chair can provide great comfort and support during long hours spent at work in your chair.   See more

Big and Tall Office Chairs - A chair is not always a one-size-fits-all piece of furniture. For individuals who are taller or larger than the average person, it may prove challenging getting into the standard office chair. But it shouldn’t be. A big and tall office chair maybe just what you need.  See more

Drafting Chair - Drafting stools are not just for architects anymore. A drafting stool is also an ideal choice for many other professions including government agencies, the medical field and shopkeepers to name a few.  See more

Conference Room Chairs - Some of your best and most important work gets done in the company conference room.  After all, the conference room is the place where employees come together and ideas are generated! See more

Banquet Chairs - One of the most important aspects of organizing a banquet is ensuring that there is proper seating for the occasion and that the seating appears attractive and comfortable.  See more

Stackable Chairs - Does your office require extra chairs on occasion but not everyday? Do you sometimes need to clear some floor space for a project you are working on? Do you sometimes need extra chairs in your boardroom? Then stackable chairs might be your answer.   See more

Specialized Chairs - At Officechairzone we offer a variety of chairs for specialized functions. If you require chairs for banquets, conference rooms, students, large and tall individuals, then we have the chair for you at discounted prices and free shipping.

School Furniture - Students need a good chair to sit in and a sturdy desk to work on in order to get the most from their learning time. This is why it is reasonable to invest in quality school furniture. See more

Medical Chairs - Whatever your medical specialty, doctor, dentist, or surgeon, you no doubt recognize the importance of a proper office chair. And whether you are looking for a medical stool, computer chair, desk chair, or waiting room furniture, it is important to look for a quality and supportive product.  See more

Waiting Room Furniture - What does your waiting room say about you? What is the impression that you want to give to your visitors?   See more

Stylistic Chairs - Stylistic chairs will make a statement for you home or office.  Designed as office chairs or chairs for the home, your guests will be impressed by these chairs.

Lounge Chairs - Want to make a great first impression on business associates or visitors? Lounge chairs provide comfort and support for your clients.  See more